Friday, 30 September 2016

Dog in the mailbox

My "brilliant" idea of putting a stuffed toy in our mailbox appears not to have deterred the starlings. They have wiggled past him, and put down the first layer of straw for their nest. So much for that theory.

I have spotted a pink stuffed hippo in another charity shop. That may be the next cunning plan. Either that, or locking up Junior Ginger in the box.

And speaking of hippos, it is raining heavily. Once again the mountains are full of rain clouds and our river is about to burst again. This is summer folks, and just to prove it, here are flowers in a friend's garden.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

The six o'clock scurry

We noticed very soon after moving to Coneysthorpe, that Spring is a season of great amusement. The lambs are hilarious. We don't have pre-dinner Pimms in the country, oh no, we have the six o'clock scurry. It is impossible to capture the mad rushing around the paddock. It starts off sedate and innocent and then all you see is a blur accompanied by bellowing bleating for about 20 minutes. We can almost time our evening meal by the commencement of these japes. Here is the Crazy Quintet.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Bird visitors

I love birds, of any variety, even noisy magpies ( and we have LOTS of those along our road). The challenge we have is the starlings who insist on nesting in our mailbox. The first year, they got away with it, but the mess and stench and inconvenience was rather too much. Last year we managed to dissuade them by removing every twig and blade of grass as soon as it arrived.

This year, they are not to be deterred, so I have resorted to desperate measures

I had hoped to find a larger stuffed toy, but this was what was available this morning at our local charity shop. He may be replaced by a larger dog/cat/dinosaur when I can find one.

One visitor who is always welcome is our pheasant. The photo is blurred because I took it on 48 x zoom before my first coffee of the day, so there is a bit of camera shake.

I wish he wasn't so shy, but I do understand the conditioning he has to sticking to the bushes and hedgerows. Not likely to get shot at that way, except by a caffeine deprived photographer!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Today is the day for swag!

We went to a new place for coffee this morning next to a local garden centre. Right in the middle of a cafe was a table with several buckets of foliage for sale. I came away with a bouquet that they were selling off to raise funds for the local village school. I couldn't believe my luck as there were more flowers than foliage and all for the price of a large latte!

Thinking that this was my surprise "find" for the day, blessing number one was followed by another. A friend who I met when I lived in E. Europe sent me a package. I knew what the content was, or at least I thought I did. In addition to the item I was expecting was a selection of lace and braid which she was sharing with me from her mother's collection. I was so chuffed. Crafters are very generous and this really gave me some inspiration to "build" more fairy accommodation!

And finally, an odd "blessing". In a fit of weeding frenzy (got to do it when I feel well enough), I came across this tree stump wearing the most amazing leathery type fungus at its base. Sadly not edible, but very pretty.


It's been a while since I have had the energy or motivation to make things just for the fun of it. But today was the day. A Lebanese friend of some 20 years standing trusted me with a sweet recipe that was from a beloved aunt, so I made that. They are supposed to be date balls, but I shaped them more like kibbe.

Last week I bought some beautiful felt offcuts at an embroidery shop in Wellington. I needed some for making my Russian dolls, but suddenly felt inspired to make something else. As I like to think there are fairies at the bottom of our garden, I thought I would sew a cottage for one of them. This is my first attempt at fairy "architecture"!